3D Scanning

Find out about scanning and custom 3D design work

Armature Building / Scaling

Find out about bespoke armature building as well as enlarging or minimising

3D Printing

Find out how 3D Printing can improve lead times for you

CNC Milling

Find out about CNC Milling Polystyrene for larger scale works


You've heard of lost wax casting, so find out how our process is better and the materials we are able to use

Metalworking / Fabrication

Find out about metalworking from your original pattern or custom fabrication from your design

Patina and Painting

Find out the difference between the two and how we do it

Delivery and Installation

Find out how we can deliver your work to your door and install work in situ

Consultation and Quoting

Find out how we can help you with your project and how much it costs